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20+ Crazy Examples of World Class Facepalm

1. I don’t even want to know what prompted this.

2. What’s dummer, this, or the people who actually donated?

3. That’s almost a class a year. Wow things are tough in some places.

4. Or maybe, it’s like working with anybody else who needs to be spoken to normally.

5. How dare they bare equal responsibility for a date they’re equally responsible for.

6. Ok well now I want to open it real bad. I would hope it has some mention of, you know, nuclear waste on it somewhere?

7. What’s the bigger facepalm, the wage gap, or the WNBA?

9. This stuff just makes me genuinely sad.

10. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.

11. If nobody wants to date you, justify it by saying nobody fits your impossible criteria.

12. Get this guy a record deal!

13. That’s only like 30+ million invested per user!

14. Guys, this dude of Facebook just solved depression!

15. I’m sure her next husband will be a wonderful person….

16. Well that had to get awkward really fast.

17. No words for this messed up way of thinking.

18. Well that’s one way to enforce the 2 hour limit.

20. Nobody knows their pets’ birthdays.

21. And whose job might it be to make the government more trustworthy?

22. What’s more facepalm, the content of the article, or the level of reporting?

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