Funny OMG

15 People who had a really bad day

“Just getting ready to cook Valentine’s Day dinner and opened the block of cheese I bought today”

“I dropped it…..”

“Cat puked in my steel toes and I work at 6:00AM.”

“Went to open a new pack of coffee cream and discovered it has no cap.”

“Got a splinter under my thumb nail.”

“My orchid was about to rebloom for the first time in 5 years. My cat had other ideas.”

“Well… Today I found out that the bottom of my blender is detachable.”

“Came across this in a parking lot today…”

Great way to start the day.

“Walked by this while leaving work.. someone had a BAD Valentine’s.”

“My car was parked at my in-laws for a few months, found this in the trunk.”

“Sigh… that was the last of my lunch money too…”

“got an airbnb just for the tub”

“spaghetti sauce that came in the mail”

“today is the first meetup of my sons toddler group, we are hosting and out of 8 mothers 7 canceled like half a hour befor it would start.. my wife just send me this picture”

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