Fails Funny

25+ Examples of fails and facepalms to remind you of foolishness

2. But not smart enough not to commit murder…

3. Better get that sign fixed asap.

4. And she didn’t say anything?

5. How hard could it be to find this guy?

6. She made ramen in a truck bed to feed a fake homeless person.

7. Well, the meme is correct.

9. Cooking streamer almost burns her house down.

12. Alaskan pipeline is a term I hope I never hear again.

14. You might miss out on quite a bit of listenership there. And you know, quite a few straight men are still capable of being allied with everybody else.

15. I think this time jail is deserved.

17. Technically not wrong…

18. I’m sure Russia is scrambling to buy arms from this twitter account.

20. He hasn’t… and he hasn’t.

22. Or… he’s a Catholic on Ash Wednesday.

23. Would you do it for 9 mil?

25. Your duck’s eulogy should always be accompanied by a gym selfie.

27. It’s ok to drive on the wrong side if you go slowly right?

28. It already is, for a different reason.

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