20 Hilarious Fake Posters Found All Over California

There’s this Bolivian stand-up comedian, Jason C. Saenz, who’s going around California, putting up fake posters everywhere. Aside from being funny as hell, Saenz’s posters are also placed in the most appropriately inappropriate places! Don’t believe me? Fine, take a look at them yourself!

Here are 20 hilarious fake posters found all over California!

1. I would definitely be missing this furry bastard too.

2. – Is that a threat? – No, it’s a promise!

3. This franchise spreads through our world like cancer.

4. What? This dude has TWO cats? Sweet!

5. This would’ve been a real steal somewhere in New York.

6. Sick burn, but Cali has better Wi-Fi signal.

7. His posters even get political if need be.

8. So, at least now we know where he got all those cats from.

9. Yeah, who would have thought the meme president would be “outmemed” one day?

10. #SarcasmMaster

11. You did read the terms of services agreement carefully, right?

12. Tried calling this number, but only got the machine. Too bad, I would’ve been a great president!

13. More like “Strangest Things”, am I right?

14. Dyslexics of the world, untie!

15. Even Sherlock Holmes himself would fail to find the plot here.

16. What in covfefe do you mean?

17. I wouldn’t trust that talking turtle. He may be a narc!

18. Well…

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