People Who Switched To A Different Level Of Craziness In The Game Of Life

Life comes with various flavors. Craziness, Confusion, Happiness, to name a few. However, very few people have got their life together. There is a lot of craziness around us and thanks to social media, all the people can experience the craziness going on in someone’s life. There are some people who either are very dumb or have an immensely clever sense of sarcasm.

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Here are 12 People who switched to an altogether different level of craziness in the game of life.

1. Denise probably hates figurative talks completely. Beware when you are talking to Denise. She will probably take all the things literally and then land you in a huge trouble.

2. This is the reason why girls don’t like men who are extremely nice. Can someone please help my friend, Nathan? Please, it is a request.

3. Well, for a kid of that age, I would admire the guts he has. He is an absolute baller. Girls, see the face again, he is going to come to talk to you soon.

4. How did he even fit himself in that small space? Nevertheless, he actually looks like being toasted. He probably was the real inspiration behind the snapchat filter that was introduced recently.

5. Let’s just hope that it is not one of the sequels that crush the hopes of its predecessor and does not live up to the expectations.

6. I just hope he has raised enough money to pay for his bail. Also, looking at the money he has spent on the sign, I am starting to get a few trust issues.

7. Haters gonna hate, Potatoes gonna potate and Playaas gonna play.

8. Life is like water. It just flows from one one end to the other. Even if obstacles come in its way, it finds a way to overcome and still continues to flow.
Well, that just a wash basin.

9. Hey Bobby, either you have a nice sense of humor or you have poor grammatical skills. But judging by your handwriting, I would say you have a poor grammar. So please, learn the difference between your and you’re.

10.  The guy is probably asking him what he would get for $5.

11. Will you join this lady in the battle for saving your country?

12. Easiest 5  bucks ever made in the history of mankind.

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