20 hilarious photos that prove just how funny office workers can be

Offices can be a pretty depressing and soul-sucking place to be. The dress code, the rules that prevent you from being your true and authentic self, the stiff fakeness, the cubicles, and the lighting. Ugh, that terrible lighting. People stealing your snacks from the fridge, the co-workers that leave the seat up and never wash their dishes in the sink, and of course your miserable boss.

We could go on and on and on.

It’s enough to drive one completely crazy. That’s why some people do their best to lighten the office vibe with some humor. Laughter helps to remind us that we’re human and all have something in common.

And besides every office has a funny guy. Here are 20 people who make the office a fun place to be:

1) Because Mocking Your Co-Workers is Always Hilarious

Especially, when they are computer crybabies. These guys are probably glued to glowing screens all day and could use a laugh or two.

2) In Case of An Emergency

Flee! Run like the damn wind. No better plan than that.

3) When You’re Really Bored at Work

And everyone turns into their favorite animal.

4) Haters Only Hate Themselves

Even if it’s your annoying co-workers.

5) Location, Location, Location

They say it’s everything.

6) Figuring Out the Hard Way

That that’s not how it works.

7) Sometimes It’s the Little Things

That have big consequences.

8) Maybe Some Humor Will Entice You To Do Them

Yeah… probably not.

9) When Everyone Thinks You Work Late

But you definitely don’t.

10) When You Put Fake Signs Up

So you can make fools out of your co-workers.

11) Making Lemons Out of Lemonade

Or terrified cats out of spilled wine stains.

12) When Office Romances Are Frowned Upon

You get friend zoned.

13) Some Jokes Just Aren’t Funny

This one included.

14) When Having Alert Employees Are a Priority

Sometimes you just have to get the job done.

15) Passive Aggressive Sign vs. Passive Aggressive Sign

Sign #2 wins.

16) When Your Coffee Machine Stream Reminds You of Something

Like a sumo wrestler peeing.

17) When You Get Distracted But Creative

Then you get called out for it.

18) When Your Co-Workers Have No Boundaries

So they deface pictures of your children.

19) When You’re a Big Joke In Your Office

And everyone dresses up as you for Halloween.

20) When You’re Asked Not to Print Large Jobs on the Office Printer

But you do anyway.

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