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30 hilarious times something was ‘lost in translation’

When it comes to doing business in popular tourist countries, you need to have signs advertising your products or services in at least a few different languages. While I’m sure that we Americans have messed up translations time and time again, we can still have a good laugh at others who do the same (and we assume that they have a good laugh at our expense as well).

That said, these horrific translation fails teach us a very valuable lesson: never trust Google Translate to get the job done for you, and always, ALWAYS recruit the editing skills of a native [insert language here] speaker. Without further ado, I present to you the best translation fails we’ve seen this year.

1. Well, in all fairness, this may not be totally inaccurate.

2. This does not sound like fun.

3. Poor Paul. But, why did they have to announce it this way?

4. Someone is a bit literal.

5. Not a good selling point.

6. Well shoot, now what are all those passengers going to eat?

7. Umm…Zombies, maybe?

8. You know it’s time to find another dentist when…

9. Maybe it’s not a translation fail? Look at the icons.

10. Again, not wholly inaccurate. I think the chickens’ families can agree that murder is, in fact, what happened to them.

11. Pringles done messed up with this flavor.

12. I was unaware that “turds” were a delicacy in any culture.

13. If they’re trying to whole reverse psychology thing, I don’t think it’s going to work.

14. I love lamp!

15. I think every enters the restroom with that ultimate goal in mind.

16. And this is where the King of Golf parks every Sunday.

17. Well, that’s one way to tell a Yo Mama joke.

18. What type of emergency, exactly, does this call for?…

19. To be fair, I think this one is just a typo.

20. And this is why there’s a water shortage, people!

21. That’s a bit backwards.

22. I think someone fudged their credentials.

23. I should hope the street is never able to walk, whether I’m eating there or not.

24. Yes, please save that for when you’re in private. Thanks.

25. Well, it looks like we have to find somewhere new to eat, Honey.

26. In America, we just call broken grass “cut grass.”

27. That’s a good bit of advice. It definitely took a sign to remind me of this.

28. One letter people, all you had to do was change one more lettter.

29. Nope. Just nope.

30. It looks like there will be no entry for anyone then.

Avoid these translation catastrophes, and please! Enlist the help of a native speaker!

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