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25 frustrating photos that will have you cringing

Humans are creatures of habit and as such, we expect things to be a certain way. And when things don’t go a certain way? Well, it can be a bit frustrating to say the least.

These 22 people took it upon themselves to photograph 22 things that are sure to drive all people crazy. From the unlucky person in the McDonald’s line to just plain poor engineering and design mishaps, the events portrayed in this post are bound to have you going WTH?

1. When you’re old and you just DGAF.

2. The designer of this tea diffuser is either very naive or extremely morbid.

3. Seriously, just WTH. I can’t even.

4. They had ONE job.

5. This about sums up our society…(I’ll let you infer what I mean).

6. Does really nobody know how to install a proper sized faucet?

7. This is just getting embarrassing.

8. Unlucky 139, your order is NOT ready.

9. This is how someone’s girlfriend tests whether or not the brownies are ready. I’d break up with her.

10. It’s safe to say that we, as a race, cannot get our bathroom planning s*** together.

11. Or our urban planning for that matter.

12. This is just highly inappropriate.

13. What happens every time anyone opens a sweet role.

14. I’ll let you spot what’s wrong with this photo. Wait for it, wait for it…

15. When your dog is NOT your best friend.

16. Again with the dessert factories that just FAIL.

17. Interior design at its finest.

18. When your bread has no soul.

19. They can take off with your bike, but they won’t get very far! *Insert evil laugh* (It was their master plan all along.)

20. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think…I THINK, that this design totally defeats the purpose. Just saying.

21. And he called dibs on the window seat. Sucker.

22. And finally, the ultimate WTH? moment: when your refrigerator’s built-in egg holder only holds ELEVEN eggs. Like, WTH man?

I feel like you don’t have to have OCD to appreciate the absurdity of these photos and, well, if you do, I’m sorry that you just saw these.

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