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20 Historic Pics From 100 Years Ago

A century ago, the world was a vastly different place, and looking at old photographs from that time can be both fascinating and enlightening.

#1 Albert And Elsa Einstein In Japan With Local Hosts, 1922

#2 Beauty Show In 1922

#3 Delegation Of Minnesota League Of Women Voters With A Mile Signatures For World Court Proposal

#4 Helen F. Day, A Blind Woman, Who Published Searchlight, A Publication For Blind Children. She Is Probably Holding A Device For Printing In Braille

#5 Madame Asta Souvrina And Her Dog Listening To The Radio

#6 Phoebe Ann Moses Butler, Also Known As Annie Oakley, Aiming A Rifle In 1922

#7 A Woman Holding A “Cane Flask” During Prohibition In 1922, Washington, D.C.

#8 A Broken T Model Ford

#9 Chemistry Class Teacher

#10 Austrian Nobleman Takes “Traveling Candy Store” On The Road In 1922

#11 Test Flight Of Pescara’s Helicopter, 1922

#12 U.S. Army Men Seated Around The Table, While One On Horseback Jumping Over It

#13 A Berlin Banker Counting Stacks Of Bundled Marks In 1923

#14 Allan Dwan Is Making Himself Heard By Twelve Hundred Extras Through The Medium Of The World’s Largest Megaphone. Four Feet In Diameter And Ten Feet Long

#15 2022 Energy Predictions. New York Sunday Newspaper In 1922 May 7

#16 The Last Message Left By 47 Entombed Miners In Argonaut Mine, Jackson, Calif. Written With Carbide Lamps On The Face Of The 4350 Foot Drift

#17 In 1922 In The Volga Estuary, A Beluga Sturgeon Was Caught. It Was Around 23 Feet And Weighed 3,463 Lb. They Truly Are Dinosaurs Of The Sea

#18 Youngstown, Ohio Confectioner. Harry B. Burt Filed The First Patent For His Signature Method Of Chocolate-Coating His “Good Humor” Ice Cream Bars

#19 Fire Engine Drawn By Running Horses

#20 Tornado Over The Capitol In 1922, May

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