20 Individuals with distinctive physical features

“I had 16 clear stitches on my eyeball from a cornea transplant when this pic was taken, and the way the light hits it you can see each one.”

“I have partial heterochromia in both eyes.”

“My hair is half-blonde, half-brunette. Including eyebrows!”

“Severed a nerve in my index finger… Half my finger can no longer prune.”

“I’m partially blind in my left eye. It doesn’t show any ’red eye’ in photos.”

“I have a heart-shaped birthmark in my eye.”

“My Raynaud’s disease when it gets cold outside”

“I have matching triangle freckles on my arm and my left eye.”

“The third knuckle that is caused by the syndrome I have”

“I’m half-white half-native, so one of my eyelids has a partial epicanthic fold.”

“My girlfriend’s eyes are weird.”

“How my vitiligo changes from the winter to the summer”

“I have iris ephelis (darker brown).”

“The vein on my right hand says, HI.‘”

“I have fraternal thumbs, one from each parent due to a genetic mutation on my dad’s side (unilateral brachydactyly type d).”

“I tattooed the solar system on my forearm and later got a mole on Jupiter which now represents its Great Red Spot.”

“My wife just gave birth to our firstborn, and my son and I both have the same weird genetic abnormality where we have an extra-large space between our first and second toes.”

“I have 2 really long fingers on my right hand.”

“My hair and eyelashes are naturally split into blonde and brunette.”

“This hexagon vein structure on my wrist”


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