20+ Photos show how time comes for everything, even inanimate objects

Replaced my mom’s gardening gloves for Mother’s Day this year!


RIP after 10 yr


Brass Hammer, old vs. new


My husband’s decade old computer chair VS new one the same model I am surprising him with tonight


My husband bought me a new Uno deck to replace my 20 year old deck.


Log book used daily for two years vs brand new book


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life.


X-mas of 2019 I got two pillows and used 1 of them every night for a year


These golf balls at the mini golf course I work at became smooth after spending a lot of time in a stream

Table hockey puck after about four and a half years of playing. New one on the left for comparison.

a brand new sketch book next to a fully used one (same type of sketch book)

Highlighter after a week of nonstop studying

New vs old $20 bills in ATM dispenser.

the Crocs I’ve been wearing as my everyday shoes for 6 years vs a brand new pair.

my old next to my new clogs

My bike saddle after 5 years of commuting (~30k km) vs. a brand new one.

Arbys broom

The one on the left is like 6 months old. We’ve needed a new one for a long long time. But I’m sure in no time flat the new one will look just as bad.

my kneeling pads after four years of kneeling

A Key After 12 Years of Use vs. The Spare

My moms vs. grandkids new book!

Littlefoot bought 34 years ago for my daughter and bought again last year from vintage shop for granddaughter

3 days of studio work, barely hanging on.

I may have waited a little too long to change my scrub daddy


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