20 Instructions That Are Hilariously Cooler Than The Task Itself!

Sometimes, following instructions is a necessary evil. But there are times when they are hilariously cooler, and if you follow them you’re probably getting doomed. Well if you really are keen on working exactly as instructed you really want to read this article!

1. This is what happens when you don’t instruct them properly.

2. That was really really helpful.

3. Don’t lie, we all know someone who knows someone who will definitely do this!

4. Sorry, I beg your pardon, what was incorrect again?!

5. So it’s absolutely normal for the refrigerator to make such weird sounds?

6. He knows the struggle is real!

7. Oh My God! Is he trying to drive all of insane or what?

8. Well, that shoes and socks instruction was definitely necessary.

9. well, someone’s gotta say the truth out loud!

10. So I’m guessing that somebody has already done it before!

11. Well well well, look who is really smart!

12. Is that incorrect or not 😕 Still pretty confused O.o

13. Have been doing that all my life, giving it to my mom I mean.

14. Sometimes all you need is luck.

15. Oh well, NASA has a sense of humour too you know!

16. Yep, that is exactly what has happened. 

17. Looks like somebody has been using it wrong all along.

18. The shirt is the best way to dry up your hands.

19. Am I suppose to throw these away?

20. Dear Babe, please propose me like this!

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