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20 Random Yet Funny Comics On Daily Items By “The Daily Dunc.”

In a realm of limitless creativity, Dylan’s “The Daily Dunc” stands out as a radiant source of humor and imagination. This clever single-panel comic series elevates the ordinary and mundane, turning them into a whimsical universe where everyday objects take on lively personalities that are sure to tickle your funny bone.


Thanks… that [was] just the cherry on top I needed. .

I got four flat tires last week. My silly neighbor dumped a box of nails on my driveway because of a previous incident.

What’s the one on the right supposed to be?

Empty battery

Hold the flashlight still!

He’s so vein.

Understandable. It’s a one-sided relationship, and that leads to resentment by the one doing all the giving.

So the pencils face just moves down it’s body the smaller it gets?

wash your nut?!

The nut goes on the bolt (reproducing?) And then the bolt goes through the washer (threesome)

Oh how the turns have tabled”

Biting off the heads, these guys know what they’re doing…

that’s funny.. twirly twirl twats.x

After sleeping too late to get the worm, the bird finds solace in other achievements.

Dont you mean “crappy hump” day? Im no Bactrian I’ll have you know

Hot steamy pillow talk?

If it were tattier… I’m a frayed knot.

I never could hula hoop.

I like it, but jupiter does have rings so that’s a bad example

Now I want Oreos…

I think my 10mm socket went with them.

I’d be happy if they looked like their pictures in the ads.

When are you gonna stop playing with fire!?!

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