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30 Funny Memes Capturing the Essence of Pregnancy And Parenthood

Embrace the Joys, Sleepless Nights, and Emotional Rollercoaster of Pregnancy and Parenthood with a Dash of Humor. Discover a Laughter-filled Haven on the Instagram Page ‘Pregnancy & Parenting Memes,’ where a Wealth of Hilarity Awaits.

Join us as we dive into a collection of side-splitting memes that beautifully capture the highs and lows of pregnancy and the journey of parenthood in all its comedic glory.

Mommy? Yes, dear? You smell like poop.

Coffee gives you the runs LOOK OUT TEDDY!!!!!

This is so true!

Fingernails, too! Mine were beautifully long and strong when I was pregnant, as opposed to their usual constantly breaking state.

A keeper! 🙂

Jr. is in on the joke surely”

That was a filling meal. Me so sleepy

That’s NOT just while pregnant

Who reminds a pregnant person of how big they are? You’d think they could tell by themself

Instead of a mob boss, he’s a mom boss.

Maybe it’s better than being told you’re not patriotic bc you’re still not pregnant.

Dämn, I never got shït, advice wise. I asked my mom for advice and she was all “I’m not going to tell you how to raise your child,” and here’s me, “I WOULD JUST LIKE TO BE ABLE TO BATHE MY NEWBORN WITHOUT DROWNING HER CAN YOU AT LEAST GIVE ME A FEW TIPS?!

Seriously! Is that baby planning a prison break or trying to figure out how fingers work?

Great movie!

A variation of the “I have a dream” speech. Less noble, but quite relatable

When I was pregnant with my son I was asked this question. My daughter, 4yo at the time, dead pan says she wants a T rex. Needless to say she was very disappointed

Wow, what a gorgeous little pony.

I have an 8 1/2 month pregnant colleague. Shared this little gem with her and she laughed so hard I thought she’d go into labor.

It doesn’t say that you need to give him the 2 cakes, therefore I still have 10 cakes and maybe a bad case of diabetes

Dont sleep for months followed by no sleep continued for years.

Breast milk is definitely better. Formula doesn’t contain all the immune boosters that are in breast milk. There have also been horrific cases of contaminated/wrongly mixed formula. Use formula when you have to, breast feed when you can as long as you reasonably can. Even a few weeks or months is better than nothing.

My son had both with no problems.

Yep! My milk never came in with my son. I tried and tried to feed him but it wasn’t working. The nurse came in and said….”Are you dead set on breastfeeding” and I said no. She went and got me a bottle and that was that. I’m so glad I didn’t get stuck with a nurse who insisted I keep trying. That happened to my sister. The lactation specialist wouldn’t let her give up. After a few nights at home her husband went into the kitchen, made a bottle and fed my niece and my sister was so relieved. They stopped answering the lactation specialist’s phone calls. Let women do what they want when it comes to feeding their baby!

The all day sickeness whilst being hungry was horrendous. For too many a Months!

hah. This made me giggle.

Talent and life long commitment

Always curious who has a camera in their fridge…

Legend has it, when my mom was pregnant with me, she walked into the bakery and pointed at everything she wanted. My dad just walked along behind her and said “Yes, dear.” Smart, smart man.

Ice, ice baby….

I wish that persons parents never told them. Does it cost to take your kid to the park, or have fun family evening together? Like how tight are the money? Sugar egg and flout tight? To bake a pie together or somethig? Not everything has to be insagram birthdays, it is a day to apretiate a child you have. Awful…

Hate those people just say the months

You tell em sister!

How considerate you are of the store staff. Coal in your stocking! Unless you’re referring to getting stuff out of your closet at home, and shaming it. That’s an award.

I do that even when she’s not pregnant. I value my life.

I can only take days a sliver at a time.

Another one not limited to pregnancy or gender.

Pants are an illusion, and so is death

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