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35 Hilarious Memes from ‘Introverts Can Relate’ on Instagram!

In a society that frequently applauds extroverted traits, introverts discover comfort and amusement in the more reserved aspects of life. Explore the world of introversion through the lens of the Instagram page “Introverts can relate,” a sanctuary for those who savor solitary moments, find energy in quietude, and recognize the understated beauty of introversion.

Join us as we uncover a series of amusing and relatable memes that have adorned the virtual walls of “Introverts Can Relate,” providing a lighthearted peek into the introverted realm.

As long as they take care of me and don’t upload the video without my permission.

I’m serious! Stop ducking with me! 🐥

This is me and my boyfriend

It feels like a snow day for 80s kids.

It doesn’t count if I didn’t really see it. 🫣

Mr. Bean is a legend. Love his stuff.

It turns into a nightmare when you’re awoken by a s****y song, it becomes part if your dream and you can’t turn it of

That’s actually super nice…I would buy that but I’m broke 🙁

This is me when I’m asked ‘what’s wrong?

Oooh, I do this all the time.

You’re asking the wrooong person. 🤔

Me eating pastries to find out that they are not real

Especially these days. The lack of compassion and empathy. Constantly on the verge of tears

Except when I. Overshare it’s not personal information, it’s random but of useless knowledge

I can’t tell if this is a scene that Jenna Ortega punched up…

OMG! I had a favourite jumper (sweater) and jeans at highschool. Some d**k made me super self conscious, because I wasn’t as varied in my dress as a lot of the other kids. Pretty much hate them all now. All the people pleasing made me a tool

Love you. Mean it. 😘

Every middle of the night. 🙄

Wait till you get older and your bladder turns into a peanut

Every time 😫

And after practicing it in my head 1000 times too 😩

Netflix, chill, and chillier.

That’s a hard no for me 😬

Second of all, please go away.

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