21 Photos That Prove Angles Are Everything

An unusual angle can change any picture. Even the most ordinary things turn into something incredible if a photographer manages to find a good spot before taking a photo. The ability to catch the moment and make people see something that doesn’t actually exist is true professionalism.

The all-seeing eye of the Pharaoh

A quick reaction and a great zoom create perfect pictures.

A flower

“Penguins are cute,” they said.

A dangerous German subway

A giant dog eating

Such a tragic moment

“Go home, human. You’re drunk!”

This jet bird

A killer bird

Solar yarn

“He’s trying to eat me.”

This endless radio tower

A giant creature trapped inside someone’s home or a doll house with a curious visitor?

Every cat owner should have a glass table.

Carrot pants

This flower is photobombing.

A bird with a man’s head

A 2D building

When you tell your cat you don’t pet other cats:

Bonus: When you’ve never drawn horses before

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