21 Terrific Teachers Who’ll Make You Rush to Their Classes

Did your teachers do anything like this?

1. This cool teacher drew a world map from memory.

2. “So, I was wondering what my teacher’s bottle said…”

3. “I wish my substitute teacher was this cool.”

4. These guys were found fighting inside the school. As a punishment for fighting, they were given a choice: suspension or holding hands for an hour.

5. “My teacher rotates memes on her board every week. This is the best one so far.”

6. “This is my boyfriend’s brother and another teacher.”

7. A teacher who clearly loves his job

8. “This is just a hint.”

9. Well done.

10. This awesome teacher grades tests while spinning a basketball on a pen.

11. “Today was ‘Meme Day’ at my old high school for homecoming week. I appreciate this science teacher even more now.”

12. “This was my teacher, he retired last year. But he was one of the most amazing and greatest guys I knew. He knew how to be a teacher. He was my best friend and loved every day of his job. What an amazing guy.”

13. “My teacher has this strange set-up for his speakers.”

14. “I dressed up as Indiana Jones on school picture day. Yep, I’m a teacher.”

15. “This is my classroom. I’m a 7th grade social studies teacher, but I love to draw, so I’ve made my room my own studio the past 3 years. Almost all the walls are covered. The kids love it!”

16. This student brought a dog to class to save it from the hurricane. Her teacher didn’t mind.

17. Deadpool has a really strange job on Halloween.

18. “My computer science teacher does this pose every time he leans over a desk.”

19. A student wakes up to his teacher clapping in front of him and he does the same.

20. “My science teacher’s desk is a fish tank.”

21. “Went to go get help from a teacher and this is what I found.”

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