25 Hilarious Parents Who Trolled Their Kids Selfies

Parenting is the toughest job in the world, but it doesn’t always have to be hard – in fact, the hilarious parents in this list seem to have a pretty good time doing it. Sure, their sense of humor probably drives their kids insane, but they’ll learn some sort of lesson out of it… right?

My friend’s dad just posted this on fb with the caption “twins!”

Lesson taken on how to embarrass your daughter

This dad knows how to troll

But maybe not as good as his mom did?

How my friend’s parents responded to their Disney land photo

The tattoo gets me really hard

Looks like this dad doesn’t like the knife tattoo

How to ruin your daughter’s holidays

They finally had some fun cause of their daughter

Tattoos, nose ring. Everything checked!

He hates his daughter’s boyfriend

Natural Snapchat filters

His make up game is strong

Meet the derps

Looks like a slip f tongue

This dad who tried to troll his his did a good job

This Italian dad knows how to pop a leg like her daughter

New way to teach your kids some manners.

Shinny shades fight

How to make a bitchy face

At least he tried to get the make up right

Shirt game is strong here

Trying out Snapchat filters

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