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10 Unlucky People Who Don’t Want to Remember That Day

Life can’t consist only of good things. Sometimes, there are situations that make us say, “It would be better if I didn’t get up today at all!” We mean the days when nothing works out, when someone treats us poorly, when we buy things we don’t need, and when it seems that everything is against us.

When you decided to take a photo of your best pizza and this happened:

“Hired a company to pressure wash the sidewalk outside my apartment and this is what I walk outside to.”

Not 99¢, but starting at 99¢

“Missed my entire hand”

“Our office has tiny windows, but on the rare occasion that sunlight gets in, this happens.”

Mugs with a concave bottom that you still have to dry after they have been through the dry cycle in the dishwasher


When you can’t remember where you put your phone:

Crackers that don’t break the way they’re supposed to

When feeding fish, be careful with your phone.

When you buy a pack of candy and this is what you get:

A little surprise inside my cookie container

“I couldn’t figure out why my soup wasn’t boiling.”

When you put on your favorite outfit and this happens:

“My kid’s toothpaste cap!”

Falling down and dropping a cake is embarrassing as it is, but having someone capture it on film is mortifying!

“Dropped a brand new gallon of milk. As a bonus, I also got a flat tire today.”

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