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30 Celebrities And Their Famous Russian Celebrities Long Lost Twin

The photos showing American celebrities and their Russian doppelgangers are just pure entertainment.

Ryan on the streets of Kazan

Will Ferrell’s doppelganger Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Logan didn’t die

Russian mage .

Not sure which one is which.

Nikolai Statham

Mila kunovic

Barrack seeing the colder part of the world after retirement

Scarlet after 4 children and a lot of vodka

Leo’s running security at the bank now

From Tennis field to Modeling, the charm doesn’t fade

This one’s not so dumb looking

Young Christopher Walken looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson

From Hogwarts to Russia

DIY Lady Gaga getup

Andre Antoniovic

I guess he retired

I am 100% sure this is him because he can do anything

Angie’s got a doppelganger

What if I tell you that’s two different people?

The Russian Leo

Every President needs a double

This gothic joker on the Moscow subway

The actor needed just some fat and makeup to become like him

The stress sure changes you

Milla Jovovich’s Russian doppelganger!

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