25 Things That Drive Us Crazy Even More Than Public Transport

Annoying things are everywhere: a sock of a passenger next to you invades your personal space, a product that you bought turns out to be twice as small as you expected, and so on. We all probably have these moments that we’d like to forget.

There’s always a guy who thinks that all the weights in the gym belong to him.

When you really want to post a new pic on Instagram:

“This guy is watching Netflix in the movie theater without headphones. We asked the staff to do something about it. So they came after 40 minutes and told him to mute it, but he doesn’t care.”

A lamp in a kids’ room

They probably didn’t train the new staff.

When your pocket catches on the door handle:

Perfectionists, keep out!

“These shoes are $500 and the design makes them look dirty.”

This driver took up 4 parking spaces.

“This sock is clearly in my space. Please help!”

How could they make such a silly mistake?

Hungry and fooled

“This makes me mad.”

This drink holder could spoil your evening.

“So this is why my laptop wouldn’t charge.”

“I decided to try use less plastic so I ordered 4 re-usable straws, this is the amount of packaging they came in…”

When you try to peel an egg and end up removing all the white:

The IT guys thought that this was okay.

“I paid 3 times.”

When the fabric gets stuck inside your zipper:

This epic 2¢ discount

It’s so annoying when you almost believed in good luck, but it was just an ad.

Useful pocket

When you buy a pack of gum and mascara and get a paper scarf:

Bonus: IKEA be like…

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