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50 Incredibly Annoying Things Disliked By Everyone

A collection of the most annoying, anger-inducing things out there. From people who leave rubbish everywhere to inconvenient item designs, most of these things will have you boiling with anger. Check them out in the gallery below!

Every Time


The Worst Part About Job Applications

Why? Why Do I Need An Account Just To Look At Pinterest?

When A Plug Covers The Outlet Next To It

He Asked Me What The Hell I Was Taking A Picture Of. I Told Him I Was Taking A Pic Of The D-Bag That Needs To Occupy 2 Handicap Spots To Eat Some Fries

People Who Make This In Historical Places

People Who Leave A Train Like This

$275 Required Spanish Textbook Is Loose Leaf Paper Wrapped In Cellophane


I Work In A Kitchen. You Have No Idea How Many People Say ‘You Look Like The Guy From Ratatouille’. Every Damn Minute

People Who Whore Out Unsuspecting Relatives For Virtual Numbers

Having To Clean Up Someone Else’s Piss So The Person Behind Me Doesn’t Think I Did It

Doctor Appointment At 8:20, Currently 10:00, Still No Sign Of Even A Nurse

Laptop At The Movies

Found This Note In My Hotel Bed Last Night

Went To See Isle Of Dogs Tonight. This Woman Brought Her ~2-Year-Old Son To This PG-13 Movie. When He Started To Cry, Instead Of Taking Him Out, She Put Peppa Pig On Her Phone On High Volume For Him To Watch, Which He Did For The Remaining Hour Of The Movie

The Hospital “Helping”

She Was Snapchating While Driving (40 Mph Road(64.4 Kph)). She Also Had A Little Brother In The Passenger Seat While Doing This. Hate How Often I See People Doing Stuff Like This (Photo Taken By A Passenger Of My Car)

The Way My Wife Opens Things

Jerks That Cut In Line

This Tape Is Dead To Me

The Fact That We’re Expected To Read These Before Ticking “Yes, I’ve Read And Accept The Terms And Conditions”

When The Fabric Gets Stuck Inside Your Zipper

How Did You Get Hired?

Why Can’t They Design Their Cables Better?

Oh, I Have Too Many E-Mails In My Inbox? Why Don’t You Send Me An E-Mail About It Everyday

I Counted 29 Items. I Had One

When You Tear Exactly Where It Says To, But The Bag Remains Sealed

“I Guess I’ll Just Buy Another Thing To Knock Down The Candy B….”

This Pistachio Eating A**hole

Walmart Should Stop Selling Fish

When Water Adheres Down The Side Of The Glass

When This S**t Happens

As An Usher, People Who Do This

When You Buy The Old Neighborhood Drug House

After Trying For 7 Years, I Finally Placed In My Age Group – Coming In First! I Asked A Bystander To Capture My Triumph

My Receipt For Buying One Bottle Of Vegetable Oil At CVS (100 Lb Dog For Scale)

Every Single Time

These Tiny Cuts That Randomly Show Up And Itch Like Hell

My View Of Metallica From The Handicapped Section At Commonwealth Stadium In Edmonton. 7 Hour Drive For This

These Long Stairs That Require You To Have Either One Awkwardly Long Stride Or Two Awkwardly Short Strides For Each Step

When Washing Your Car And A Guy Parks Behind You, Instantly Gets Out And Impatiently Crosses His Arms

Then Why The Hell Are They Printing It In Full Colour?

I Don’t Get It How This Happens Everytime

At My Local CVS, Pushing This Button Announces Over The PA System To The Entire Store “A Customer Requires Assistance In The Family Planning Department.” The Shelves Are Only About 5 Feet High, So Almost Everyone In The Store Can Look Over While You Awkwardly Wait For An Employee To Open The Case

This Lady Watching A Beach Wedding

I Hate UPS Just A Little Bit More Every Day

This Lift’n’Peel Bulls**t

“Thanks Man, I’ll Give Your Headphones Back In A Few Days!”

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