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25 Unbelievable Things You Probably Never Even Knew Existed

The world is full of incredible things, and every time we encounter them, life seems that much more interesting. Today Bright Side offers you 25 pictures that prove we still have a lot to learn.

A path-laying machine

The internal mechanism of Patek Philippe watches, which are considered to be the most expensive in the world

A sunset and an eclipse happening at the same time

A curvy border fence near Algodones Sand Dunes, Southern California

Perfect cubes of Pyrite formed by mother nature herself

This eggshell has more than 20,000 holes drilled in it

Melted glass in a fire damaged building

The world’s deepest swimming pool, measuring 113 ft deep and holding 600,000 gallons of water

A child’s skull before losing its baby teeth

A giant sword memorial called “Sverd i fjell” on the coast of Norway

A fresh idea for a bridge

The geometry of a cabbage

Human vision (top) vs. a cat’s vision (bottom)

A cabinet carved to look like digital distortion

Grass after a lightning strike

A bridge over icy water

A lenticular, UFO-like cloud

The runway at Gibraltar International Airport, which has a road crossing through it

A ’loaf of art’. Each colour was layered to form the picture

A lizard shed the sin on its entire face in one go

A cross section of an undersea cable

A view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis from the International Space Station

What a liter-bottle of soda looks like before compressed air is added

This is only one picture

A cross-section of a commercial airplane

Coins stacked in such a way that they extend over the edge of the table without falling off

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