29 Everyday Objects In Compromising Situations

1. “I noticed a heart shape in the windows of this hotel in Seattle.”

2. “Planting 90,000ish trees take a few inches of shovel.”

3. “A lizard fell from the ceiling and left this dusty imprint on my wireless charger.”

4. “This Eagle struck me a pose on the top floor of a mall.”

5. “I created Dumbledore out of painter’s tape on my closet door.”

6. “This random doorway to nowhere.”

7. “Butcher shop door handle is a butcher knife.”

8. “My cat Domino has Heterochromia which has the side-effect that light reflects differently causing him to look like the Terminator!”

9. “The way my ceiling fan melted due to a kitchen fire.”

10. “Watercolor sank to the bottom looks like an eyeball.”

11. “Perfectly camouflaged spider on my cannabis plant.”

12. “I peeled a fresh egg without ripping the membrane.”

13. “The tram in my city (Murcia, Spain) has a little mask on it.”

14. “The ice completely stopped my coke from getting to the bottom with a water tight fit.”

15. “A little bird landed and hung out on my shoulder today.”

16. “Frozen pizza looks exactly has advertised on the box.”

17. “Heirloom cherry tomatoes have star imprints where their stems were.”

18. “An ibis wearing a Channel 7 employ tag.”

19. “My local pizza place has a watermelon growing in their parking lot.”

20. “A McDonalds I found (in the USA) with a right hand side drive through.”

21. “This swing designed for parents and babies to swing together.”

22. “Cloud duck over the skies of Sofia, Bulgaria.”

23. “This tiny plaque near my house.”

24. “UPS Freight puts their post-it’s on a pallet.”

25. “This fork we received at work clearly wasn’t cut correctly during manufacturing.”

26. “Someone put googly eyes on this tree stump.”

27. “This apartment complex is made fully out of re-used metal containers.”

28. “This Mongolian guy at the China / Mongolia border.”

29. “This guy managed to break a plate perfectly in half.”

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