47 Fascinating Things Not Many People Have Seen

Down below is an XL-sized gallery of the random sights our sketchy planet has on offer for those willing to open their eyes, take a deep breath, and really look.

1. “A local ambulance drove nonstop all night due to sleet and snow incidents. The wheels came out like this.”

2. “A 1973 Terex 33-19 Titan dump truck with a pickup truck in the bed. It had a 169L V-16 diesel engine and weighed in at 1,209,500 lbs. (548 tons) and had a hauling capacity of 320 tons. It was never mass produced, but one of the prototypes was still in service until 1991”

3. “Gran Hotel Ciudad de México in Mexico City. Designed by Jacques Grüber in 1908”

4. ’’I found a ladybug with a heart on its back.’’

5. ’’I caught the fog blending almost seamlessly with the water.’’

6. ’’These letters and numbers are invisible on my lenses, but they cast shadows.’’

7. ’’I recently discovered that my carpet has a tiny snowman head sewn into it.’’

8. ’’This perfect double-colored leaf on my plant’’

9. “A frozen flower I found in Austin during the Texas winter storm”

10. “A Good Burger car parked in Saint Louis at a Hi-Pointe Drive-in restaurant.”

11. “Found a mutant orange.”

12. “Yesterday I found this message in a bottle on Floreana Island in the Galapagos.”

13. “The first floor is tilted.”

14. “This slice of bread showing me love on Valentine’s Day, isn’t it just wonderful?”

15. “The way this snow curled off my chair”

16. “This broken screen at the train station looks like a fake image of electronic components.”

17. “This AC cover causes an optical illusion.”

18. “This morning my stepfather was cutting up a tree that fell down in recent winds and found this heart.”

19. “My daughter sent me this picture of a giant grape.”

20. “What garbanzo beans/chick peas look like in their pods”

21. “This person is using a boat for their property gate.”

22. “The handles on my dog’s food container kind of look like a dog.”

23. “This fish at the aquarium looks like someone stepped on his face.”

24. “The only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at supersonic speed”

25. ’’A restaurant worker drew this on my to-go box.’’

26. ’’About 20 caterpillars on a single leaf in my garden!’’

27. ’’My mother-in-law’s outfit accidentally matches the restaurant’s flooring.’’

28. “A leaf with nothing left but its veins”

29. “These beams of light from my doors cross nicely.”

30. “The back of my dog looks like an old man with a mustache.”

31. “Found a 72 carat tourmaline”

32. “This Brussels sprout shaped like a snail”

33. “My coworker’s phone cord made a treble clef.”

34. “I saw the end of the rainbow today.”

35. “My rhododendron looks like it’s trying to run off.”

36. “My small tomato plant looks like it belongs in a Tim Burton film.”

37. “A horse with a natural mustache”

38. “Washing my water bottle”

39. “This apple looks like a massive cherry.”

40. “My bubble wrap is missing a singular bubble.”

41. “A wrapped townhouse in Budapest”

42. “Turkey footprints look like arrows pointing at me.”

43. “This map looks like a The Simpsons character.”

44. “My cat looks like it’s yawning but that was his collar.”

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