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30 Crazy Girls Actions That are Really Hard To Explain

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called  “Girl! You are crazy.” Come on, don’t be shy! You’re definitely not alone. Others have also been there at some point in their lives.

Girls can sometimes, Oh no! In fact, they often can be unpredictable. They do some strange, confusing things. Things like getting rude and angry with men who are treating them as well as they possibly can or saying “no” when they mean “yes,” and “yes” when they mean “no.” And to top it all off, most girls don’t even understand themselves.  They’re emotional, hyperactive and they’re sometimes dumb too. Now you might say we are being judgmental but hear us out. We have photographic proof to support our horrendous argument!

Listed below are 30 photos of crazy girls’ actions that are really hard to explain. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Don’t forget to share this post with all women in your social circle and enjoy the laughs together.

Seems fishy

Have you ever seen 3D assets?

Computing your weight

That’s exactly what I came to shop for

Russian sunbathing is at a different level

Because you’ve gotta follow Megan

The snake is luckier than most of us

You wish you were that big

They’ll never learn

When the dog gets more attention than you

That’s why women shouldn’t drive

This is how accidents happen

How NOT to use a gun

When the metro tries to make you “feel at home”

When you really don’t care about the story

Why is she even posing?

Hair styling on the go

Wasted money on shades

Wasted money on shades

American bathing problems

Proud of the flip

This is the most appropriate thing I’ve seen today

Noodle fest

There’s a woman behind every disaster

When you see your crush tagging other women in memes

Guess the gender

Get the hint?

I’d definitely slow down for that

Playing tennis the wrong way

Leg game too strong

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