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42 People Who Just Realized They’re Dating An Idiot

Humor is the best anecdote for life’s troubles – especially in a relationship. Couples will fight, that is a given, whether it is over household chores or visits from in-laws, but laughter remains the best way to get through all of this without losing your cool.

Friend Sends Me Pic Of His New Truck, My Girlfriend Wanted To Know Why It Had A Little Waffle House In The Back

But doing something terribly stupid doesn’t make the person themselves stupid. Bright folks constantly forget to put on their seatbelt, cross the street without looking both ways, or hit reply-all when they really meant to reply to one person. Why? According to Heather Butler, an assistant professor of psychology at California State University, it’s because smart people aren’t all that smart. In an article for Scientific American, Butler talks about the subject of why smart people behave foolishly by differentiating between intelligence and critical-thinking skills. She suggests that intelligence, which is often measured by IQ and test scores, is largely unrelated to critical thinking, “a collection of cognitive skills that allow us to think rationally in a goal-oriented fashion and a disposition to use those skills when appropriate.”

My Girlfriend Moved Into Her Dorm Yesterday And Was Having Trouble Setting Up The Apple TV I Bought Her…

Butler isn’t the only one who believes this. University of Waterloo psychologist, Igor Grossmann, and his colleagues also argue that most intelligence tests fail to represent our real-world decision-making and ability to interact with others.

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Another reason behind this issue could be arrogance. Smart people tend to think they are smarter (and better) than everyone. Professor Andre Spicer refers to this as the self-serving bias: “Not everyone can be above average — but we can all have the illusion that we are… We collect all the information we can find to prove ourselves right and ignore any information that proves us wrong. We feel good, but we overlook crucial facts. As a result, the smartest people ignore the intelligence of others so they make themselves feel smarter.” Because of this, people might rationalize their mistakes to themselves, elevating their abilities and luck, and believe that they’re somehow protected from misfortunes.

Seems Legit

Not Sure The Wife Understands What Freezer Bags Are For

I Proposed To My GF This Weekend And Proceeded To Drop The Ring Down A Gopher Hole

The Wife Said There Was So Much Sodium, They Just Put OMG

Silly Boyfriend

I Asked My Girlfriend How Badly Her Screen Was Cracked After She Dropped Her Phone. She Sent This

My Wife Thought She Bought Me Socks With Palm Trees On Them. Bless Her Heart, She Had No Idea

I’ve Heard Of “Painting Yourself Into A Corner” But My Wife Took It A Step Further. I Don’t Even Know…


My Wife Tried Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner For Us And Actually Burned The Cook Book

My Wife Got Our Daughters Matching Shirts

My GF Wondered Why I Bought Plates For Christmas That Said “Oh Oy Oh” On Them… I Had To Tell Her She Was Holding Them Upside Down

My Girlfriend Asked Me Why Do I Have A Jesus Figure

My Wife Calls Me In A Panic And Says “The Helicopter Light Came On In My Truck”

Asked My Wife To Look For A Chucky Mask So I Could Scare The Kids. She’s Too Innocent

Asked Wife To Pick Up Some Bleach While She Was Out Doing Errands. Her Exact Words After I Looked At This Like Wtf Was “It Was A Little Pricy But At Least It Smells Good And Not Like All The Other Bleach”

My Psycho Girlfriend Uses A Timer To Wake Up Instead Of An Alarm

Found This On My Girlfriend’s Butt

Asked BF To Put Away Our Dog After Letting Him Out To Pee

I Told My Wife To Set A Reminder On Her Phone. Apparently We Have Different Ideas Of What That Means

I Swallowed Tweezers

My boyfriend came to the hospital to meet me before surgery and I asked ‘did you say you were here for the girl that swallowed the tweezers?’ he said ‘of course! When am I ever going to be able to use that line again?!?’

My Wife Texted To Tell Me Her Car Smelled Like It Was Burning. Turns Out She Drove 18 Miles With My Push-Broom Under Her Car

My Wife Complained There Was No Code On The Scratch Card She Was Given…

My Wife Using An Outlet

My Girlfriend Bought Me A Dash Cam For My Birthday And Not Knowing It Can Overwrite Old Footage, Bought Me Ten 64 GB SD Cards

When Your Husband Takes The Instructions Literally

Sorting Paperwork, Wife Asked If I Still Needed My Guitar Sheet Music

My Girlfriend Made Pasta Last Night And Wanted To Keep It Warm For Me…

I Heard My Boyfriend Yelling That His “Eye Drops” We’re Burning His Eyes

My Wife Bought A Cast Iron Skillet From Amazon

Here’s How My GF Heats Up A Tortilla

My Girlfriend Thought It Was A Good Idea To Put The Dog Bed In The Dryer

GF Asks About That “Aids In Space” Song I Was Singing In The Shower. Almost Lost It When She Sung It Back To Me

My Friend’s Wife Doesn’t Understand Perspective

While Watching The Football Game Last Night My Wife Ask, “Why Do They Tell You What Political Party The Players Support?”

Spent The Afternoon Installing These. My Wife, Ladies And Gentlemen

My Coworker Sends Pictures To Her Husband All Day. This Is Her Technique

Girlfriend Said “The Underwater Key Symbol Is Blinking”. Took Me A Minute To Decipher

I Was Running Late, So I Asked My Wife To Get The Grill Going. I Came Home To This

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