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30 Everyday Struggles That Women Can Relate to

A woman’s life can be tough. Especially when your period is messing up your supposed-to-be-perfect vacation or when you’re trying to master a make-up tutorial but you end up looking like a raccoon…

I couldn’t find my wife until I looked in her closet. I said, “What are you doing?”…she says, “I have nothing to wear

Do these situations annoy you too?

Those short skirt accidents!

And if we don’t want underwear lines, we have to wear thongs.

Every girl would understand!

When you wear cute dresses and skirts, you’re self conscious about your calf muscles

I think every girl can understand me when I say this is a STRUGGLE

I got my gf a 3ct ring for Christmas. She was not happy

Happiness is when your house is finally clean

And that’s why I don’t like glass bottles…

My brother decided to take this lovely photo of me, 2 months pregnant, crying and eating Ben and Jerry’s.

Don’t leave anything around if you have a pet.

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