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40 Uncomfortable Photos That You Probably Can’t Scroll Through

The photos in this post document absolute atrocities. If you can finish this list without cringing, you have a high threshold for tolerating mess.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with your friends and family as well to mess with their head.

I’m very uncomfortable right now


This Bathroom

This Guy’s Tattoo

Knife handles swimming in wet food.

When the thing that was meant to dry your wet hands completely fell apart because it was touched by your wet hands.

When “erasers” do this

Tom Hortons needs to fix this sh*t

When the iPhone randomly autocorrects “well” to “we’ll”


This Woman’s Headphones

The way my wife opens things

This Shitf key

Washing your hands with a sweater on

My roommate using the incorrect size screen protector

Not in line

When pencils do this garbage

One job. You had one job.

My girlfriend’s silverware drawer at school

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