30+ Funny And Ridiculous People of Russia In Trains

If you’re ever in Russia, be sure to take a train trip. You’ll see plenty of hilarious people go in and out of trains.

Listed in this post are hilarious sights one gets to see on Russian Trains and Train stations. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

Driving in a hangover be like

Made a new friend on the subway

Raphael looks in a hurry

This surely has a background story

Where’s Grinch headed?

When winter’s not coming and you don’t know what to do anymore

Tattoo satisfaction

Please tell me this is not a couple

is he eating a banana?

Elton John, is that you?!

Just one more month to go

People really do make themselves at home in these Russian trains

Welcome to Skunk Island

When you know you’re more useless than baggage

Toyland on the go

This picture itself stinks…

How it feels when you sit on the toilet bowl during winters

Are dead bodies allowed on deck?

When you took a student loan and don’t have any money for tickets

Lets go on a train trip they said, it would be fun, they said…

Russian trains dont stop at train stations. They stop for people.

When the central heating just isn’t enough for you

Afternoon tea doesn’t get any better than this

The suicide squad

From Russia with love

This DOES look very inappropriate

Preacher express

Make yourself at home they said

No photos allowed

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