Funny OMG

30 Ridiculous Photos Where Absurdity Broke All Records

The school going stories dad told you about

Making a boat outta whatever you can find

The Spoon man

When you hire blacksmiths in the army

The Black Mamba

Couple goals

While in Japan, do as the Japanese do

Good old days

Home brewed coffee shenanigans

How crazy am I if the Doritos attract me more?

Putting Photoshop to the right use

Get yourself a friend like that

Just in case you didn’t notice

What an idea

She weighs more than my children

What were you even thinking?

When art goes a lil too far

Met this dude on the sidewalk today

Davy Jones part 2

Living the adventure

Bride cutting through her chastity belt on her wedding night. Reminds me of JW girls.

Feel my leg I just shaved

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