30 Photos Showing What Real Jealousy Looks Like

Cat: I want to hold hands too

My cat is jealous of our new Puppy

The jealous girlfriend

Even Beyonce gets jealous

Hoping to see their Ice

Only ladies will get this one

No Harmony

Quality Man-Dog time

When mommy loves her more

The third wheel

He wished that he was a dog

When your friend goes for fishing for the first time

When the new cat is more cuter

This picture is a proof that animals get jealous too

She puts her own hand in her soda

Happiness of having a new sibling

Even David Beckham is not allowed to stair at other women

Fooled him

The Jealous man at Comic Con

Jealousy on social media

He is my HOOMAN!

Looks like loosing is not fun

Poor choices

When Mommy loves daddy more

No cake for her

When dont have what you want

When you prioritize food over exercise

Those “Eyes”

Kids have feelings too

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