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30 Geniuses Who are Already Living in 4018

It’s in human nature to be fascinated with the future. From our childhood, we imagine that our future is a Jetsons-style utopia with flying cars and life on space. The questions that have been the premises of many Hollywood movies are weather future technological advances will make time travel probable or not? Or what kind of lifestyle our world will have in the future.

Throughout the entire history of humankind, the entertainment industry often makes us dream about time traveling. While many scientists have proceeded with research on the topic saying that it is highly possible, there are some geniuses who are already living ahead of their time in 4018.

Listed in this post are 30 photos of people who have taken the future into their own hands and are living ahead of the rest of us. We bet you’ll give them a round of applause after witnessing their everyday life hacks. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

So I got a glimpse of the future this morning…

Facebook in 3018

Perfect fit!

Police of the future

Tactical dog helmets. The future is now.

We are living in 2017 and he’s in 2064. Visionary

This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero

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