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30 Honest And Relatable Motherhood Comics By French Artist Nathalie Jomard

No matter what anyone says, sometimes parenting can be a real challenge – just ask French illustrator Nathalie Jomard. She illustrates all of her parenting struggles in funny, and honest comics that everyone who has ever had kids will find relatable.

The artist has two children, a boy and a girl, so she knows what parenting is all about. She has been creating drawings about her and her children’s lives on her blog Petit précis de Grumeautique for over ten years now.

1 Your Breasts Are Always Sore

2 No One Could Prepare You For The First Time Wearing A Bikini After Giving Birth

“My daughter is a nerd. A very, very smart, quiet, and somewhat clumsy girl. She’s always reading a book and she’s also a scatterbrain just like her mother. My son is a nerd too but in a different way than his sister,” says the artist. “He is also very active and turbulent. He can’t stay still. He’s always jumping and running around, and he talks a lot. Really, he can’t stop talking. A real chatterbox. He’s always inventing something, drawing weird devices and talking about them for hours and hours.”

You’re Feeling Like A Balloon Constantly

4 The First Time You Breastfeed Is Unforgettable

Nathalie says that having kids has definitely changed her life for the better – and made her more tired than she used to be. “But with kids, who isn’t?” jokes the artist. “They are, nonetheless, the best gifts life can give you.”

Check out Nathalie’s comics in the gallery below!

5 You’re Forced To Eat Broccoli Even If You Hate It, So You Set A Good Example For Your Kids

6 Making Sure Your Child Is Protected From The Sun Is Very Important

7 Nothing Fits Anymore

You Can’t Find Peace Even When Sitting On The Toilet

Teaching Your Child To Communicate Will Take Some Time

10 You Never Know What To Do When Your Child’s Pet Dies

11 Bikini-Waxing When Pregnant Becomes The Greatest Task

12 When Books Don’t Work Anymore You Try To Find Your Own Methods

13 No One Can Prepare You For The Ways Your Kids Might Embarrass You

14 And No One Told You The Best Toys For Your Baby Are Actually Random Everyday Items

15 They Don’t Care About Your Pain

16 Ahh Those Sweet Weekend Mornings When Your Child Wakes Up At 5 Am

17 Breaking The News

18 Intimacy Between You And Your Partner Becomes The Exception, Not The Rule

19 The Crisis Might Be Waiting At Any Corner

20 You Get Sick Way More Often

21 Any Task That Involves Reaching Your Feet Is Impossible

22 You Become The Ultimate Multitasker, Constantly Juggling Between Working And Being A Mom

23 Trying To Act All Put-Together When…

24 Trying To Work While Exhausted Turns Into A Daily Thing

25 Birth Never Goes As Expected

26 The Phrase “Sweet-Tooth” Gives You A Whole New Meaning

27 Getting Your Child To Go To School Might Be A Challenge You Did Not Expect

28 The Presents Your Child Gives You Might Not Always Be Pleasant To Receive

29 You Never Imagined The Mess One Baby Could Make

30 Kids Will Make A Mess Everywhere They Can

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