30 Instances of People Discovering Incredible Free Treasures in the Wilderness and Sharing Them

Found This Yesterday

One Of The Most Photogenic Toadstools I Have Ever Come Across

An Army Of Little Fellas Finding A Way In The City

Amanita Muscaria

Felt Compelled To Post My Favorite Photo I’ve Ever Taken, Id On The Fungi Appreciated 🙂 I Think My App Called Them Fairy Parachutes

Teeny Tiny! One Of My Fb Friends Discovered This And Took The Pic

Found Growing On Cedar Planks. Palm Beach Florida. Thought Someone Might Appreciate These Little Guys

Found A 33lb Lion’s Mane Today (Tn, USA)

Didn’t Know Mushrooms Grew On Pine

The Rarest Mushroom I’ve Found So Far, Gliophorus Reginae

Just Spotted So Many Beautiful Amethyst Deceivers

May The Spores Be With You

Imagine Being The Size Of A Flea And Taking A Stroll Down There

Cobalt Crust Fungus(Terana Caerulea)

Finally Found One In The Wild!!

The Amethyst Mushroom Is Like A Galaxy!

Oh Hai

Amanita Muscaria, Germany

I Just Made Tea With Rosemary Flowers! Does It Count As Foraging? I Can’t Go Far Because I’m Disabled

Didn’t Find A Single Mushie, But Still Brought Back A Good Haul

An Interesting Shape Of A Mushroom That I Found


My Dad Sent Me This Pic Of Him Hanging Out In A Fairy Ring, Thought You All Would Enjoy

Friend Just Sent Me This, What Shall We Assume It Is?

Mother Nature At Her Best

This… Bothers Me In So Many Levels

Here’s Some Beautiful Wild Shroomies! Location: Kerala, India

Have You Ever Seen A More Geometrically-Perfect Chanterelle?

Basket Of Goodies! (Harvested In Eastern Canada In Autumn)

Monster Porcini. Not Even That Wormy… I Dried Almost All Of It!

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