Tired Bumblebees Who Fell Asleep Inside Flowers

Ah, the life of a bumblebee. Constantly flying from flower to flower, collecting nectar and spreading pollen. But after a long day of work, even the hardest working bees need a break. Sometimes bumblebees get so tired that they fall asleep in flowers with pollen all over their little furry bee butts, so they end up on this site. Work-life balance is important, folks. Don’t work yourself to death.

What to do when your bumblebee is tired? To give the bumblebee a brief energy boost and the carbs it needs to fly, mix white sugar and water 50/50. Offer a drop or two of sugar water up to the bee’s front end (not the butt) on a teaspoon or an upside-down drink cap in a sheltered place, and give it time to recuperate. Brown sugar should not be used since bumblebees find it difficult to digest.

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