30 Mind-blowing building conversions that transform these spaces into something entirely different and impressive

My Local Mall’s Old-Timey Bank That Got Turned Into A Pinball Arcade

“A Beautiful Old Church Was Converted Into An Awesome Climbing Center, Retaining Original Features Like Stain Glass Windows And An Altar (Manchester Climbing Center, UK)”

This Grain Silo Converted Into A Home

“I Converted A School Bus Into My House”

The Place Where Julius Caesar Was Murdered Is Now A Sanctuary For Cats

This Old Church Has Been Converted To Self-Catering Accommodation In Scotland

A Supermarket In An Old Theater In Venice, Italy

This Old Movie Theater Turned Into A Gym (Long Island, NY, USA – Via Colossal)

That’s Just Bizarre.

A Trampoline Park Inside A Former Church

“Cozy Converted Church I Stayed In”

This Massive Library In Barcelona Is Built In What Was Formerly A Water Deposit Built In 1874

Red Phone Box Repurposed Into A Mini-Cafe

“The Gym I Go To Is Renovating. They Knocked A Few Walls Down And Revealed It Used To Be A Hollywood Video”

“Grand Avenue Mall. The Way It Was Remade Into Apartments Turned It Into A Somewhat Surreal Space”

“The Floor In The Design Building At My College Is The Basketball Court It Used To Be”

This Fast Food Drive Thru Used To Be A Car Wash

The Parking Garage Turned Into 44 Apartments In Wichita, Kansas

Old Silos In Oklahoma Were Converted To A Rock Climbing Gym

“My Airbnb Was An Entire House Built Inside A Barn”

“Stayed In A Boeing 747 Converted To A Hostel At Arlanda Airport, Sweden (Jumbo Stay)”

Boekhandel Dominicanen In Maastricht, The Netherlands. A Bookstore In A 13th Century Gothic Church

“Our Table At The Local Cafe Is Positioned Over A Medieval Well”

“My Hotel Used To Be A Prison”

This Walgreens Is In An Old Bank

Converted A Retired Ambulance Into A Mobile Tech Repair Office

“My Local Library Moved Into An Old Grocery Store”

A Grocery Store Inside A 3rd Century Roman Imperial Palace In Croatia

These Silos Were Turned Into Apartments

A Rescued And Repurposed Gothic-Arch Barn Near Manassas, VA

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