30 Mind-Blowing Designs We Can Spot at Any Time

You’ve probably had this happen to you a million times before: You’re walking around a store looking for a nicely designed T-shirt and you find one with the sign, “Don’t be happy, worry” on it. Or you’re looking at a public bathroom’s ceiling and notice that it’s made out of a gigantic mirror. These hilarious design choices are all around us.

1. Certainly not the best advice in the world…

2. Isn’t this a tad too dangerous?

3. That’s not how English works.

4. “Not the most useful attachment I’ve ever seen…”

5. Is there “Eurrope” on the map somewhere?

6. Perfect safety precautions

7. “It’s not what it looks like, I swear!”

8. A professional painter did this, obviously.

9. That’s not how people’s heads work.

10. Are you sure it’s for the disabled?

11. You wanted privacy? What’s privacy?

12. Happy “Brode” to be!

13. Yeah, they look like they cost even less…

14. Are you sure that’s what a body looks like?

15. Not the best advice, that’s for sure.

16. We’re not sure this designer knows what the clock is for.

17. Not a professionally-made acronym

18. Again, are you sure this bathroom has privacy?

19. We’re pretty sure Jessica still very much needs her family.

20. Isn’t this just 1 trash bag?

21. Good luck getting all the water in your tub!

22. At least they figured it out.

23. “I’m honestly confused.”

24. Please don’t do drugs even though these say the opposite.

25. It’s all about inclusivity.

26. That’s not what word-wrapping should look like.

27. “And now I’m officially terrified.”

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