Funny OMG

People Who Must Have Come From Another Planet

1. When you want to demonstrate you are an advanced user of chopsticks:

2. Is it really possible?

3. Breaking the ice. Literally.

4. Trying to even out the tan

5. When you want to relax in a swimming pool, but there’s none around:

6. This is what true loyalty looks like:

7. When you lost your curlers:

8. “So that no one asks me what my favorite food is…”

9. Did he mean to look so scary?

10. Why would anyone want to wear a pot on their head?

11. Looks like the rain is not her main problem anymore.

12. The horse definitely suspects something.

13. Camouflage guru

14. When your dog is afraid to stay at home alone:

15. “I just brought my computer to a café. Everybody does that!”

16. Winter is no excuse for not surfing on your ironing board.

17. How did they get there?

18. When the movie is that boring:

19. Incredible flexibility!

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