30 People Who are not Afraid to Share the Hidden Part of Fancy Social Media Life

In these modern times, when we open our social media profiles, we get the feeling that we’re seeing fantasy world where people have a perfect appearance, travel every day, eat only healthy food, and buy expensive clothes every week. However, a perfect world such as this one doesn’t exist in reality, its mere fake methods to deceive others.

Many of us literally crave the social approval of others on all the artificial happiness that we present in our profiles. The lure of “likes,” and “shares,” on social media is so addictive that people are compelled to share their photos that are artificially enhanced through different tricks of photography. But, there are a few people who know the worth of self-irony and they are not afraid to share the hidden part of fancy social media life. Scroll on to see our compiled list of such people and enjoy peeps!

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