45 Times People Copied Famous Brands And Created Hilarious Knock-Offs

Have you ever found a cheap pair of designer shorts inside a sketchy shop in the dodgy part of town really cheap and though it’s a little too good to be true? Well, that’s probably because it is. And that’s why the logo says Adados instead of Adidas.

They’re Crappy, But Flattering

I Saw This Movie Once


Nothing Is Possible In China

When Hollywood Steals Your Idea

Found This In Vietnam. Beautiful

These Knockoff Jordans Gave Michael A Great Ass

Why Get The North Face When You Can Get The Huge Mountain

Just Yelp For Help

I Love These

Looks A Bit… Phoney Doesn’t It

Found In Costa Rica

Finally, A Brand That Totally Represents My View Towards Life

I Choose You, Chikapu!

Another Great Find In China

Infinitiy War Is The Biggest Crossover Event In Histor-

The New Spinoff Sounds Delicious

Just Visited The New Mall That Opened Recently And Saw This Beauty

Watch Out Microsoft, Michael Bindows Is Comming


Would You Like A Oreo? Nah I’d Rather Have A

My Friend And I Died Laughing In The Store – Seen In Taiwan

Can’t Decide Where To Buy From

Gender Equality Meets Retro Gaming

Trans Boy

I Found A Japanese Knockoff Of The Movie “It”



“Winnie The Pooh” Blanket

My Favorite Crossover Movie

I Present You The Pinnacle Of Shanghai Markets, A Hot Glue NY Yankees Hat

Don’t Know If This Is Crappy Or Clever Off Brand

This “Playstation Controller”

My Little Terrified Pony

Ordered This From A Chinese Company On Amazon And Thought You Would Like It

How Did They Get Away With That!

Definitely A Legitimate, Actual Apple Location. Very Real

The King Of The Magic Rings

When Torpedoes Aren’t Enough

Yea. It’s Garfield

Does This Count?

Perfect Games Don’t Exi….

I Have No Idea Who They Were Trying To Copy

Kia AirPods?

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