30 People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

My Wife Ordered A Backpack From Amazon To Use As A Carry On. Cat For Scale

This cat looks quite happy with the situation, it’s now the proud owner of a brand new catpack. Now it looks ready to set off on an exciting adventure of self-discovery. Where first? Purr-is? Meow York?

Photo Evidence Of Earrings That Never Arrived

How do you provide photo evidence of something that’s not there? This Twitter user ordered some earrings on the popular Chinese online retailer AliExpress, and they just didn’t show up. It’s probably happened to you too at one point, hasn’t it? Usually the company will find the problem and make sure the product gets to you ASAP, but not this time. They wanted to be sure they weren’t being tricked. “Show us that you don’t have the earrings,” they demanded. WTF?? This is Iris’ cheeky attempt to comply.

Ordered A Russian Patch For My New Jacket… Got A Pride Flag

Some masterful trolling going on here, considering Russia’s ‘reputation’ on LBGT rights. Somebody wanted to make a statement, and they succeeded!

Love My New Yeezys

Kanye West’s laughably overpriced and deeply ugly ‘fashion’ pieces are funny enough anyway, so it’s hard to feel much sympathy for anyone who shells out hundreds of bucks for them. But when they arrive looking like oven-mitts for the feet… Yeah nah still no sympathy here.

When Your Dress You Ordered Looks Exactly Like The Pic Online

Of course there are also companies that won’t even make the effort to deceive, but will flat-out rip you off instead. Getting your ass of the couch and going to an actual shop to purchase your clothes suddenly seems much more appealing!

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