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30 Stunning Photos When Gender Swap Filter Used On Celebrities

Snapchat’s gender-swapping filter is easily the biggest social media trend sweeping the Internet right now because the results it generates can be freakishly realistic and hilarious at the same time. The app introduced this new filter just last week and already it has caused internet frenzy.

Interestingly, we aren’t the only ones experimenting with the gender-swapping curiosity; several celebrities have gotten in on the game and thanks to their sense of humor, have shared their hilarious photos with the rest of us.

Listed up in this post are 30 photos of our favorite celebrities who’ve got the Snapchat treatment. We bet these pictures will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

Kate Harington

Ashlee Kutcher

Georgina Clooney

Christina Bale

Jessy Statham

Bradley Cooper

Adeline Sheeran

Vikki Cassel

Rebecca Pattinson

Bruna Willis

Vivienne Diesel

Arnella Schwarzenegger

Rihanna Raynolds

Tilda Schweiger

Jessica Momoa

Captain Jenna Sparrow

Antonina Banderas

Patricia Hemsworth

Leonarda DiCaprio

Diana “The Rock” Johnson

Vlada Putina

Donna Trump

Ryana Gosling

Benedicta Cumberbatch

Brandly Cooper

Chadwick Bosewomen

Christiana Evans

Chris Shemsworth

Christiana Patt

Hugh Jackwomen

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  • They should make a male version of Gina Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez, Marisa Tomei, Lindsay Lohan and a female version f Al Pacino.

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