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50 Hilarious Acts Of Vandalism

While art galleries are awesome venues to experience art, it’s way harder to be touched when you’re expecting it. Maybe that’s why some creatives decide to surprise viewers with their work in the places where you least expect it.

Whoever Did This Deserves A F***ing Beer

Ufo Kidnapping A Cow In Dresden

It’s A Tiny Forest

Subtle Yoyo Vandalism


Mini Kong


You Are Offline

How To Cause Heart Attacks

Aren’t We All?

Do Not Remove This Seal

Sharpie Shark

No Bills

What A Great Life Hack

One Too Many


If There’s Something Strange, In Your Neighborhood

Someone Wrote A Complaint About The Cement In The Cement

Awesome Street Art

Found This In The Bathroom At Work Today

Run Forest Run

Picking Berries

Creative Painting On Barrier Bars

Offer Him To The Gods

Urban Ice Cream In Osaka, Japan


Hand Dryer Has A Point

Luke, I Am Your Father

Someone Put Little Gnomes In A Tree At My Local Park

Holding It Together

Go Sonic Go!

People In Nottinghamshire Held A Birthday Party For A Two Year Old Pothole

The Scream

The Robber

Found This “Storm Drain” While Going On A Walk

Parking Bender

Creative Street Art

Bubbles Deserve A Little Appreciation

My Proudest Moment In Vandalism


Looks Swollen


So My High School Got Rid Of All The Mirrors In The Bathrooms

Spotted In Berlin

Good Cause

Scoooooby Dooooo Where Are You

Someone Drew The Drivers’ Legs In The Dirt On This Car

I Heard Someone Yelling In The Bathroom. I Think I May Have Found The Source

Someone Peeled The ‘S’ Off This Clothes Bank


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