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30 Times People Encountered Hilariously Terrible Kitchen Designs

From funky layouts to bizarre furniture, check out the hilariously terrible kitchen designs in the gallery below!

“I Have Two Of Those In My Kitchen”

Even The Oven Is Like Why Are You Doing This To Me????

What If They Get Divorced?

Crappy Kitchen Design

It’s The End Of Days

$1 Million San Francisco Loft Has Diagonal Support Beam That Cuts Through The Middle Of The Kitchen

Finally A Place For My Tetris Tupperware

But How Will People Know We’re Fancy Unless We Etch The Lamborghini Into The Window?

This “Form Over Function” Kitchen In My Apartment…

Open Concept Gone Too Far

This Entire Kitchen’s Counters And Backsplash Are Covered With This “Faux Mold” Tile

Interesting Cupboard Design

Just Added The Curtain For Privacy!

Crappy Kitchen Design

That Open Concept Will Getcha Every Time

Did This Get Installed Upside Down?

When You Don’t Know If The Kitchen Is In The Bathroom Or The Bathroom In The Kitchen

This Kitchen Appears To Be Under The Attack Of Some Giant At-At Walkers

I Wouldn’t Want To Come In Here After Smoking

Blanche Done Blown The Whole Island Budget On Her Chandeliers

If Only There Was Some Other Utensil They Could Have Put On This Kitchen Decoration…

Kentucky Comin In For That “Texas Kinda Crazy” Title

Crappy Kitchen Design (Literally)

When Space Saving Hacks Go Too Far

There’s Fancy. Then There’s Kitchenette In The Master Bathroom Fancy

Opening My Fridge Turns Off The Kitchen Light

An Abundance Of Prep Space Though, You Can’t Deny That. Just Don’t Let The Chicken Slide Off When You Go To Change Out The Load Of Darks

The Worst Kitchen Layout Ever

Shower In The Middle Of A Kitchen

Crappy Kitchen Design

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