Architecture Fails OMG

30 Times People Spotted Terrible Architecture, And Just Had To Share It With The World

Anyone can design a concrete box with some windows and call it a building – but it takes a skilled and talented architect to design something that everyone would appreciate even decades after it was built. However, it takes an equally terrible architect to design something that would be universally hated by everyone. And no, today’s post is not about the good ones.

People are sharing photos of the most terrible architecture they’ve come across to the That’s It, I’m Architecture Shaming Facebook group, and you’ll be surprised how badly some architects managed to mess up. From bizarrely placed windows to buildings that look like they’re watching you, check out some of the weirdest examples of architecture shared to this Facebook group in the gallery below!

This Pillar Was Straight Last Week. This Is The First Floor Of A Seven-Floor Building

I Do Not Give A Damn How Well It’s Cantilevered Or How Strong The Struts Are. I Do Not Have The Kind Of Luck It Would Take To Set Foot In This House

I Dunno, Slim Doesn’t Seem To Be Digging This Situation

The Cactus Is *chef’s Kiss

I Might Like This If Those Were Slides

This Looks Like A Place A Villain Would Live

That Gives Me Anxiety

I’ll Meet Your Brutalism, And Raise You This

Opera And Ballet Theatre Of Cheboksary (Russia)

A Friend Of Mine Cross-Posted This And It Made Me Think Of Y’all

This Is Not Photoshopped

Art Nouveau On Psychedelics

Toilet-Shaped House (Named Haewoojae), Built By Sim Jae-Duck, The Chairman Of The Organizing Committee Of The Inaugural General Assembly Of The World Toilet Association

You Too Can Have Your Own White Castle

Who Remembers Those Gerbil Enclosures That Look Like This?

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