Architecture Fails OMG

30 Times People Spotted Terrible Architecture, And Just Had To Share It With The World


A House I Used To Drive Past In A Little Iowa Town. All I Ever Heard From Locals Was That This Place Had A Terrible Leaking Problem When It Rained

Spotted This Gem In Tel Aviv

Um… What Is This?

I Wonder Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea

Can We All Just Take A Moment And Acknowledge That Prince Produced Some Great Music, But He Lived In A Water Treatment Station

The “Snail House” In Bulgaria Actually Does Look Like A Snail

I Will Haunt Your Dreams! Residential Building In Belgium

They Drew The Line At A Fountain In The Kitchen


Interesting Concept

Bangkok’s Elephant Building. The Tusks Are A Bowling Alley In My Imagination

I Think Syndrome From The Incredibles Lived Here

Saw This On A Walk Today. A Table Lamp, In A Glass Box, Hanging From The Roof Of A Carport

This Is Plane Awesome

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