Architecture Fails OMG

30 Times People Spotted Terrible Stair Designs And Just Had To Share

Today we have prepared you a collection of staircases that look like they’ve been designed by Satan himself, and they range from ridiculous to outright life-threatening.

Not A Paradox, Just A Normal Russian Architecture

The Perfect Building To Have Stairs In Front Of

They Built This School Like One Month Ago

These Are Stairs In My Town. Just How?

No Broken Legs I Know Of

This Is Russia

That’s How I Broke My Leg

These Stairs In My In-Laws’ Summerhouse. We Have Parties Here So Going Down These Stairs Drunk Is A Challenge

Steps That You Can’t See

Access For Wheelchairs On These Stairs

I Think My Stairs Fit Here

Imagine Being Drunk

Got An Unsatisfying Feeling When Walking Downstairs And The Last Step Was Not There

This Staircase

I Saw This At My School

The “Extra” Two Inches Of Concrete At The Top Of My Stairs. We Call It “The Tripper”

Stairway To Heaven

All The Privacy You Need

I Present To You Jeans Stairs Or Jairs

Found This Beauty At My Local College

You Have To Go Up The Stairs, And Then Down The Stairs To Get To The Door

Stairs From The Top

I Can See Why Someone Wanted To Fix This

Stairway To Heaven

Escalator/Stairs Combo

This Fuzzy Staircase

Don’t Think The Owner Of This Hotel Thought This Through

When I Tripped On The Stairs I Cut My Arm On These Things, And Continued To Fall Down The Stairs (I’m The 5th Victim This Week)

Just A Staircase In St. Petersburg

The Longer You Stair, The Worse It Gets

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