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30 Times People Tried To Deliver A Message And Failed Miserably

Just because something sounds good in your own head, doesn’t mean the other person will see it that way. That’s why it’s extremely important to really think your idea through – or else it might go completely misunderstood. And to really drive the point home, today we’ve prepared you some hilariously bad examples of people failing to deliver their message.

People over at the r/Don’tDeadOpenInside are sharing examples of people not fully thinking their ideas through, and it’s pretty amazing to see how a few poorly placed words or letter can completely change the meaning of the message. Check out some funny examples in the gallery below!

Jesus Scares

This Is Actually Pretty Clever

5 Extremely Slow Children Playing

Will There Be Blood Or Not!?

Well That Seems Unfair

Doesn’t Sound Like Fun

Shosple Colupis

Don’t Save A Life Be Afraid To Give Blood

Choose Abortion Life Kills

Spread Cream Not Cheese Disease


The State Of Washi Wangton

Guaranteed Reduced Quality

7 Surprising Black Ways To Use Beans

Stand Hong With Kong

Jesus Are Is Coming You Back Ready?

Always Forgotten – Missed Never

Stolen From My Friends Snap Story

I Am Dond

Dip Dip

Well If You Insist

If You Were In A Car, Would You Know What Accident To Do?

Saw This At Work Today And Immediately Thought Of This Sub

Stop Earth The Denying Is Dying!

Drug Is The Free Key

Don’t Go Kill Vegan

This Is A F**king Massacre. Thing Made Me Want To Dead

Friend Of A Friend Got A New Tattoo

Was There Even An Intended Order To Begin With?

My Hometown Parade. Dear God

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