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30 Times People Uncovered How Fake Some Pics On Instagram Are And Just Had To Share

Most of us are probably guilty of polishing our social media accounts. Some, however, don’t stop there. They go above and beyond, inventing a totally new self. Luckily, the subreddit r/Instagramreality is dedicated to exposing these fakes, and allow us to see their true colors. With 598k active members, they regularly post new findings that sometimes look too bad to be true.

A Strong One

Good Old Fashioned Facebook. These Are Going To Give Me Nightmares

Going Hiking

The Longer You Look, The Stranger It Gets.

He “Travels” The World And He Has His Own Personal Fence Following Him Around The World

Don’t Doubt It

When You’re Influencing So Hard You Grow A Second Bellybutton

Same Day Comparison

People Really Think They Can Photoshop Themselves Ten Pounds Lighter And Then Walk Out In Public Like No One Will Notice

Spotted On Twitter

Her Booty Just Melts Into The Seat

Devil Really Is In The Details

Not Insta But… I Can’t Even…

All Her Pictures Look Like This

This Sub Summarized In A Picture

I Started Paying Attention To The Clouds Ever Since I Saw The Post On Here..

Smooth Criminal

I’m Literally Terrified

When You Facetune Your Skin To Oblivion But Forget To Adjust Your Claw

How Do You Breathe With A Nose This Thin

Me On Instagram vs. When You Walk Into Me At The Supermarket

This Hurt My Eyes

100% White Swedish Influencer (Blackfishing)

The Longer You Look The Stranger It Gets

The Razor Burn Is Real

He Looks Like A Cgi Character. I Honestly Thought That’s What This Was, But His Whole Ig Is Extremely Edited Like This

Not Getting This Voldemort Nose Trend

Found This Titled: “Turn From Incel To Chad”

The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

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